Email Marketing Mistakes – Long Email

Email marketing is quite simply one of the most profitable businesses you can participate in on the web today. Despite the popularity of social networking media such as Facebook, there are still many people who use it more than their phone.

Email is global and you can profit from people everywhere and not just those in your immediate local area. The main benefit of this communication media and communication strategy is that you can increase your income with no significant increase in marketing cost whatsoever.

A lot of people assume that a long promotional newsletter with lots of information is more effective compare to those with short message content. Is that always the case? On the contrary, you should resist the temptation to write long emails because research and studies indicates it works against you. Long newsletter is one of the key mistakes that many new online business owners and Internet marketers make.

We live in a fast paced instant gratification world. Most of us want solution to problems and needs fast. People don’t have the patience to read too much nowadays. It is not surprising for people to skim and grazed through emails rather than deeply and thoroughly read.

It is not surprising for people to read between the lines to so speak. You need to write an email that captivates and draw the attention of the reader in the shortest possible time, usually less than 10 seconds.

For that matter, if you can bring your entire message across at a glance, you are more likely to retain customer attention than if you make them scroll through extra long message. This is just pure common sense isn’t it?

You can double the effectiveness of a short email by focusing attention on the most important point you are making. On the other hand, a longer email is more likely to contain multiple messages in which case the customer may not know which is the most important one.

If you have multiple key points to make, it makes more sense to send out multiple newsletters. Keep each email focused on a single message, and each message is more likely to be remembered and act upon by the recipient. Present your marketing message in plain, simple clear and easy to understand words. Do not use any technical jargon and fanciful marketing terms no matter how tempting it is to do so.

Always remember to include the benefits ahead of the features of the product or service that you are promoting. Most customers are not interested in your product capabilities but rather how it can solves their problems or satisfies their needs. Use lots of actions words and include a strong call to action.

Just because a long message content in direct mail marketing perform well does not mean it will also do well in email copy. An email has to be a lot shorter than what you would put into a direct mail piece. You should only allocate enough space for the key message and nothing more. Email marketing does not work the same way as direct mail. Write a single page letter and keep out unnecessary words and statements that will not lead to any follow-up action calls.

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