Marketing Ideas: Postcard Sizes

When it comes to marketing strategy, business postcards have been one of the effective ways in promoting your products or services. They are cheaper than most marketing styles and can be produced by even starting businesses. In this aspect, size really matters. Though large postcard sizes is not really appropriate for most businesses, choosing the best means finding postcards with the right dimensions enough to include important details about your business but not awkward to handle. There are many postcard printing services that are very much knowledgeable on many different layout designs suited for your marketing needs. Depending on the size, they can be sent out as direct mails or displayed during trade shows.

The postcard sizes can be the standard 4″x6″ dimension that USPS can mail at postcard rates. When sending out as direct mail, they can be the cheapest in the market and can still be equally effective. The 5″x7″ can be a better size when a few product descriptions are to be included however, they can be more costly when sent in the mail. The 4″x9″ dimension has the same area as with the 5″x7″ yet they are rather more versatile in their use.

Aside from being just mailed out, they can be used as displays with good product descriptions. Larger postcard sizes include 5″x8″ up to bond paper sizes. Although they may not be practical for most business marketing, they can surely catch the recipients attention. Their large size means that more valuable information and photos can be included. When it comes to business postcards, size really does matter.

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